Why take supplements

Why take supplements

8 reasons “Why Take Supplements?”

There are so many different dietary ideas floating around that you will find on the web. It’s hard to know who is telling the truth about what we should be doing or not doing.  We hear health gurus, trainers, even doctors say that we should be taking vitamins and supplements daily. But why take supplements? Are they really necessary?

Here we give you 8 solid reasons why we think taking supplements is something you should be doing, at least if you care about your health.

1) North America Is Known For Junk Food

We are well aware that North America, includes Canada and the United States, often receives criticism for its consumption of less-than-healthy foods. The reality is that, as a nation, we have sought ways to make food more affordable, often resulting in heavily processed options. Unfortunately, the majority of our dietary choices lack nutritional value—they are neither organic nor fresh and tend to be high in fat, sugar, salt, and an array of unhealthy additives.

It’s important to note that not all our food choices are highly processed; we do consume items like red meat, poultry, and pork. However, even these seemingly unprocessed options,  often contain growth hormones and other undisclosed additives.

This simply aims to share the reasons why a significant portion of our population may be deficient in key nutrients


2) There are more toxins released

In recent times, The rapid changes in our world has undergone significant transformations, characterized by a substantial increase in the number of cars on the road, a rise air travel, and widespread use of pesticides, have led to a significant rise in environmental toxins. On a daily basis, we inhale these toxins released into the environment, compelling our bodies to cope with and counteract the harmful effects. Unfortunately, the nutrients present in today’s food may not be sufficient or adequately enriched with essential vitamins to meet this heightened demand. To address this nutritional gap and strengthen our bodies against the unhealthy and harmful substances  in our everyday surroundings, incorporating daily vitamins and supplements into our routine can be a beneficial strategy. This proactive approach aims to provide our bodies with the additional support they need to combat the adverse effects of the toxins we encounter in our modern environment.


3) Water is Depleted of Minerals

For centuries, we as humans have relied on the nutrient-rich water sources to get the essential minerals our bodies need. The way modern water production methods work, coupled with the excessive use of filters, even our water is depleted of minerals.

Many important minerals like magnesium are being removed from the water in all of North America. In our world today, we are missing out on key resources because we over filter from the source unfortunately with just cause.

4) Hybrid foods

Some fruits and vegetables are no longer what they used to be, there are producers that are learning how to create hybrid forms of these foods to enhance them in some way in order to mature quicker are last longer on the shelf, sometimes the color is manipulated or the weight. Genetic manipulation drops the nutrition values, what looks like a big fresh delicious orange is nothing more than sugar and water, and probably indigestible cellulose.

The New York Times (in 2013) stated that genetic manipulation, like what is found in the USA is simply, “breeding the nutrition out of our food.” The more we try to manipulate nature and the way it grows, the less we are maintaining the nutritional value. Supplements can help offset the lack of nutrients from our daily fruits and veggie products intake.

6) Produce shipped from foreign lands

A lot of the produce you see at your local grocery store was sent from across the country or maybe even around the world. Vitamins in certain produce are depleted because they have been shipped from long distances and stored for long periods before we even see them on the shelves.

Sometimes, produce is harvested weeks or months before your purchase! Buying local and organic produce is your best option for the maximum amount of nutrition! Think about going to Farmer’s Markets, or even starting your own garden!

7) Nutrients are not always absorbed in our system

We all get older and sometimes obligated to take medication which can sometimes interfere with nutrients absorption and digestion of food. This in effect will create an imbalance in how the food is processed or inadequate stomach acid. There is a good possibility that half of the population doesn’t get the benefits of how food was intended to do. Vitamin supplements can help compensate for nutrients lost during digestion and consumption.

8) Why you need nutrients to exercise

Your body demands more nutrients when you exercise for proper energy production and recovery. Supplements can bridge the gap between the nutrients we need and the food that is lacking them. The more you exercise, the more your body needs to maintain optimum wellness.

So the big Question is, “Why take supplements?”, because a “good, balanced” diet is no longer enough to be healthy. When you take into account the combination of poor food choices, over-processed foods, and poor farming practices, the nutrition we eat is pretty much sub-standard. Many people, including the elderly, vegans, alcoholics, and those with absorption problems, are not getting an adequate vitamin intake. Especially in today’s society, taking supplements is an essential step towards optimum wellness!

You are encouraged to do your own research and what you have read is in no means, medical advice. However we highly recommend that you visit your family doctor of dietitian before taking any supplements to see if they can help your overall well-being.

If you think that taking supplements is something you need to achieve a healthier you. We suggest Taking supplements of your choice. We have been using supplements over the years. And we are healthier than ever.

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